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English new member

Lähetetty: 06 Loka 2023, 20:18
Kirjoittaja Finmanphil
Hi all, just a quick note, I’m a new member here , English Motorcycle mechanic, been in Finland over 20 years now , Finnish is ok too , but thought I’d start in English..
Also recently got myself a 2015. Opel cascada 1.6T 200hp in Black … and I’m really impressed . Had many Opels in the past from Manta A series to Astra. Maybe crazy to buy a ragtop this time of year , so does anybody have any experiences of using a Cascada during Finnish lovely Winters ( mostly regarding looking after the soft top). Thanks

Re: English new member

Lähetetty: 06 Loka 2023, 20:31
Kirjoittaja 1,2sorsa
Dont have experience with cascada but astra seems to be a very good car with same technik. I have only seen one. It was for sale at länsiauto vantaa pakkala over a year a go.

There is also an old topic for cascada